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Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP represents clients in all aspects of divorce from complex financial matters, custody cases and settlements.


At Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, we are highly experienced and known for our excellent courtroom advocacy and for being some of the toughest, most tenacious litigators in our field.


At Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, our team will work with you to handle all areas of divorce, including child and spousal support and equitable distribution.

Child Custody & Child Support

At Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, we aid individuals in navigating all issues related to child support, custody and more.


At Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, our team will assist and guide couples to garner a satisfying outcome for all parties involved.

Post-Judgement Proceedings

At Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, our team is experienced in litigating and negotiating all post-judgement disputes.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

At Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, our team will work with you to craft an exemplary pre- or post-nuptial agreement that delivers amicable results.

Meet Our Team

Our attorneys offer diverse specialities ranging from complex financial matters to high-conflict custody litigation

Michael Stutman

Michael Stutman is a Founding Partner of SSL, LLP. He boasts a prestigious career as a New York matrimonial litigator. Michael is well known for handling matters for affluent individuals with pragmatism and discretion. His strong and resilient courtroom presence, excellent reputation for problem solving, and intelligence provide a winning edge for his clients.

Dana M. Stutman

Dana M. Stutman is a Founding Partner of SSL, LLP, as well as a Certified Public Accountant. Dana is known for her dynamic solutions, combining her background in litigation and accounting to edge out the competition in the courtroom.

Kari H. Lichtenstein

Kari H. Lichtenstein is a founding partner at SSL, LLP, and has more than twenty years of experience in family law. Kari is a strong advocate in the courtroom. Yet, given her background in social work and family law, she has an empathetic approach with her clients and helps them to navigate the emotional impact of divorce.

Andrea Berkowitz

Andrea Berkowitz is a partner at SSL, LLP, and is known for her wide-range of experience representing individuals in both high net worth and complex family law disputes pertaining to divorce, equitable distribution, and spousal and child support, among others. Andrea is recognized for her dedication to achieving favorable settlements for clients, and, when a case cannot be settled, for skillfully litigating a case to conclusion.

Veronica Kapka Marallo

Veronica Kapka Marallo is an associate at SSL, LLP, and represents clients in all areas of matrimonial and family law, including child support, spousal support and equitable distribution, among others. Veronica is known for remaining mindful of each client’s specific needs and utilizing her negotiation skills to assist clients in avoiding bitter litigation.

Sara Reidy

Sara Reidy is an Associate at the firm who is known for her compassion and diligent advocacy. Sara has exclusively focused her practiced in the areas of matrimonial and family law.


February 8, 2023

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