About Us

Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP, is dedicated to guiding clients through difficult and complicated family law matters. Whether working to develop a prenuptial agreement for a couple, prior to their union, or fairly dissolving a marriage, we treat each client with sensitivity and compassion.

Our decades of experience in the highly personal world of divorce, custody and prenuptial agreements, allows us to tailor representation to each matter and provide the exclusive treatment necessary to fulfill each client’s unique story.

Our firm’s attorneys offer diverse specialties ranging from complex financial matters to high-conflict custody litigation. With seasoned litigators, we know how and when to settle a case.

What Sets Us Apart



We pride ourselves on being available and highly responsive to our clients' needs. We keep clients well informed at every stage of the process and are there to answer questions both large and small. We use plain language—not legalese—to explain what is happening and what we reasonably expect will happen next. By remaining selective in the cases we take, we focus on quality—of every communication, every interaction, every meeting—over quantity.


Intense Preparation

We believe the keys to a good outcome are diligence and thorough preparation. We involve our clients in every important decision impacting their case, explain the alternatives and together create a plan to assist the client to achieve the most favorable outcome for him or her. What often separates a good lawyer from a great lawyer is that extra effort. We always strive to go the additional mile, whether preparing for a settlement meeting or advocating our client’s position in the Supreme, Family or Appellate Courts.


Fierce Advocacy

We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to difficult issues, and on settling most divorces by agreement. When a favorable settlement cannot be reached, however, we are tenacious, thoroughly prepared advocates with a lot of experience in the Supreme and Family Courts of New York.


Sensitivity and Warmth

Because divorce is an emotionally trying process, we strive to be an empathetic voice of reason and understanding during a difficult time, while remaining passionately committed to attaining the best results for our clients. Every member of the our team is highly attuned to what our clients are going through and we try to lighten their burden by becoming their strongest allies and advocates.


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